Custom-Built Apps

Apptology is the technology partner for several start-ups. We can develop on all mobile platforms including iOS, Android, RIM, Windows Mobile, and Symbian. In addition, we can also develop any backend resources that an app may require.

Apptology has built over 100 custom applications and all are available on the iTunes App Store and Android Market. We value your ideas and protect your information so we provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to guarantee confidentiality.

Our approach is to work with you as a partner in developing your application idea, to consult with you to develop your overall mobile strategy. From concept through creation to market, we can manage all phases of the project in a collaborative format using interactive online technologies for meetings and updates. We can adapt our development lifecycle methodologies to meet the technical specifications of each project and determine resources needed depending on the app complexity. We have over 90 seasoned smartphone developers, and can deliver the right solution for your mobile app needs.

10-Step Process

1. Define project scope
2. Understand target audience
3. Discuss resources needed and budgetary parameters
4. Integrate branding and graphical elements
5. Provide user interface (UI) mock-ups / first round of reviews
6. Development programming / second round of reviews
7. Integration with new or existing API’s
8. QA testing / finalize UI / navigation
9. Final reviews and pilot testing
10.Deploy final version to platform for launch

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Free App Mockup!
Free App Mockup!
Custom Apps


“Having an app for my practice has been a huge help for practice and especially my clients who can now contact me if they have questions or an emergency. The app has also been a great way to market my services and to provide more education about new dental methods so my clients stay informed.”

Dr. Rob Seymour, DDS Smile Orthodontics, Mesa, AZ